AT&T U-verse vs Comcast

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Comcast offers up to 105 megabit per second Internet service, which is more than twice as fast as AT&T’s fastest package. Comcast’s Xfinity plans cost as follows:

  • 25 Mbps for $30 monthly
  • 50 Mbps for $75 monthly
  • 105 Mbps for $115 monthly

Xfinity service also provides a 25 Mbps plan that includes XFINITY Streampix, a service similar to Netflix, for $35 per month. AT&T U-Verse offers more Internet-only plans, including the following:

  • 3 Mbps for $30 per month
  • 6 Mbps for $35 per month
  • 12 Mbps for $40 per month
  • 18 Mbps for $45 per month
  • 24 Mbps for $55 per month
  • 45 Mbps for $65 per month

As you can see, AT&T offers better prices for Internet speeds, and U-verse has a wider variety of plans to suit your financial needs. However, Comcast Xfinity provides two tiers that are faster than U-verse’s fastest offering, and the 25 Mbps plan from Comcast is a better deal than a comparable plan from AT&T.

Saving with Bundles

Both companies offer TV and phone service in addition to high-speed Internet, so you can bundles your services for a better overall value. For example, you can subscribe to all three Xfinity services for $100 per month for 80+ channels and 25 Mbps Internet service with unlimited nationwide calling and texting, which you can do from your computer or mobile device via the Xfinity app. AT&T sells triple-play packages starting at $80 per month for 6 Mbps Internet and the U-family TV plan, which includes more channels than any plan from Comcast. You can upgrade to 18 Mbps service and 200 TV channels with HBO for $110 monthly with U-verse. Only the highest tiers of U-verse service come with unlimited calling minutes, and U-verse home phone doesn’t have a comparable texting service.

The Perks of High-Speed Internet

Both companies provide access to Wi-Fi hotspots around the nation when you subscribe to their Internet services. Regardless of company, you’ll be set up with a wireless router to connect your entire home to the Internet. Comcast offers software to Internet customers that helps to protect your computer and save passwords, so you don’t have to remember them all. Generally, TV lovers will enjoy U-verse better, while Internet addicts might prefer Comcast. Regardless, please check out for the latest offers!